Puckeridge Post Office – No. 1

Ware Penny Post

On 27th July 1813 a proposal for the establishment of a local penny post from Ware to Wadesmill, Old Hall Green and Puckeridge, at an annual expense of £96-16-0, was approved by the joint Postmasters General.

The Penny Post involved conveyance of letters between Ware and the three villages (all on the North Road), for a charge of one penny in addition to the General Post charges.  Puckeridge became office No.1 using a boxed handstamp bearing that number.  The letter receiver appointed was John Cates of the Bell Inn, who was in the habit of applying his postmark twice on each letter.  His mother, who died only a few days earlier, has been an unofficial letter receiver for many years.

Letter of 24th Match 1816, send by Wim Larken, of Stnadon, to Greenwich, Kent (in the London Twopenny Post). Postmarks No.1 – the receiving house stamp of Puckeridge (struck twice)

  1. Ware / Penny Post applied by the Ware postmaster
  2. F/27MR27/1816 – arrival datestamp of London Inland Office
  3. 10 o’Clock/MR 27/1816 FNn – timsestamp of the Chief Office of the London Twopenny Post
Postage. Penny Post to Ware 1d plus General Post Ware to London (20 to 30 miles) 6d. Total 7d, shown in ink to be collected on delivery.