Puckeridge Post – Mail By Rail

Mail from Puckeridge was normally sent by road to the post town of Ware for sorting and onward despatch. However, for a time in the 1890s-1900s mail from the first collection of the day was sent by rail from Braughing Station (half a mile from Puckeridge, on the Buntingord branch line) to St. Margarets Station (2 miles from Ware on the Hertford East to Liverpool Street line, to be dealt with at Stanstead Abbotts Post Office. This mail was datestamped at Puckeridge with the datestamp code A for the first despatch (which was 8.50 a.m. at this period) and the stamps were then cancelled at Stanstead Abbotts, also with code A (the despatch being at 10.40 a.m). 1908 train times were 9.21 from Braughing and 9.46 arrival at St.Margarets.