Puckeridge Congregational Church

Reverend Christopher Perowne, Vicar of Standon from 1934-1947, author of A History of the Parish of Standon included the following old written account in his book.

“In 1810 a union of the Congregational and Baptist Churches was formed for the evangelization of the villages, and Puckeridge was one of the preaching stations.  Prior to the erection of the Chapel in 1832, services were held in a barn at the farm now occupied by Mr. A Weir.  The building was due to Mr Simpson of London, son of Daniel Simpson, M.A., author of the “Plea for Religion”.   He gave the site, the pulpit and the communion service.   The following year a Church was formed and the card of resolutions adopted at the formation is referred to and some of the resolutions are quoted.   The names appended recall familiar surnames, except one, that of Diana Darwin.   The cause has had its difficult times as an old Methodist preacher still living can testify.   He recalls being told when coming to preach, that his congregation would not number more than five, so with commendable zeal called at the houses upon the street as he passed to tell the inhabitants that a boy was going to preach at the Chapel that day, and he gave them a hearty invitation to come and hear him.   Needless to say he had a good congregation.   The writer concludes by noting with joy the growing numbers that gather each Sunday at the Chapel to attend the quiet services with holy memory of the past.”