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“Hello, I have an old family photo (attached) taken in the garden at a house in Puckeridge around 1900 or so even though our family are from Standon. I wonder if any of your readers may recognise it? I went to school in Puckeridge at St Thomas of Canterbury and thought I knew the village quite well but I don’t recognise the features of the house at all.  I would love to know where it was taken.”


If you recognise the property in the photo below, it would be great if you could get in touch so we can let the enquirer know. Email

UPDATE 26/02/2020 – We have just received an email from a visitor to the website who informs us he believes it to be the back of the old Vicarage.


I have ancestors that lived in Puckeridge around 1900. (Caroline Harvey – parents George and Lydia Harvey).

I’ve found records of a George and Lydia, but there was no mention of a daughter named Caroline within that family.

Is there a local family history boffin that I can contact?  I’m not trying to go back into ancient history, I just want to confirm Caroline’s family group, birth details etc before she came to Australia.


Martin King

PS: I can supply a court document that confirms her parents, and that her mother owned a farm in the area (which may help). I also have a photo of her in later years.


“Trying to find the location of a jennifer savage who used to live at Home Farm in the high street between 1956 to 1959. I used to live opposite her also in the high street and we became good friends .  We moved from the area and lost contact with each other and because of time on my hands i thought that i would try to find her and talk over old times .
if you know of her or her whereabouts  and if she would not mind me making contact it would be much appreciated .

if not,a re there any of her relations or family with the surname of savage who would not mind me making contact and enquiring about here who still live around Puckeridge or Standon.

Thanking you in anticipation.”

Michael Rustman (Email: with information)

UPDATE – Michael, please email as we may have some more information for you.



Phillip Puckeridge from Wollongong, NSW, Australia is searching for the origin of his surname and looking for any help with tracing his ancestors or living relatives.

November 09 – Kevin Puckeridge has responded from Warrawong – “all the Puckeridges are related – there is a lady who has three big folders on the Puckeridges in Woonona.  All I know is my father’s family come from Scotland and we are part aboriginal.  

December 31 – Message from the Editor – I have made contact with the lady who has the three files on the Puckeridge family research. Please contact me via the contact form on this website for more information.



May 7th 2010 – Tracking down an Italian ancestor via Puckeridge and Carmel, Indiana!!

My birth surname is Chiesa (Italian for church). I was brought up in St Albans. By ‘word of mouth’ down the generations it was said that our Italian-born ancestor was from ‘a family in the jewellery trade’.

I was intrigued – Where did he come from? How did he get here? Why did he come here?

‘Tracking back’ through my Chiesa ancestors with the aid of birth, marriage and death certificates and census records I found my Italian great great grandfather, Andrea Chiesa. His occupation is described variously as ‘watch and clockmaker’ and ‘hawker’.

The 1841 census places him in Puckeridge. This is one of the earliest traces I have of him: Andrew Chasa, aged 50, born foreign, wife Esther, 35, born Herts and 4 children.

In May 2008 I contacted the Puckeridge Village website and posted a message in the genealogy section asking for any information on him or his family.

A few weeks ago, nearly two years later ‘out of the blue’, the Puckeridge village website contacted me and put me in touch with a kind gentleman who lives in Carmel, Indiana, USA!!

He had purchased an antique barometer with the inscription ‘A. Chiesa. Puckeridge’. He had ‘Googled’ on the web these words and came across my posting. How fantastic!!

In the course of his research on the barometer he had spoken to an antique barometer expert in England who had looked A. Chiesa up in a reference book. A Chiesa is known as producing barometers from the Puckeridge area between 1820 to 1840.

The man in Indiana has kindly sent me photos of the barometer. I am so happy to have these photos – a ‘connection’ with Andrea.

I contacted this barometer expert who has pointed me in the right direction for further research.

Apparently from the 1780s into the 19th century there was a practice of craftsmen (specialising in barometer/clockmaking) from the Lake Como area of Italy (where there was an industry of glass-blowing and related crafts) to make instruments in the winter months and then to travel with a horse and cart loaded with products in the spring/summer into other areas of Europe to sell their wares. Over the border to Switzerland, through France and perhaps to England? Some happily settled in or got stuck by poverty in the country they found themselves in.

I think this was my great great grandfather’s fate.

Anyway, I shan’t go into all the details as my ancestry is probably not of great interest to current ‘Puckeridgers’.

Suffice to say Andrea, his wife and children fell on hard times and spent some time being supported by the parish of St. Albans. There Andrea died in 1845 and Esther in 1850 of ‘consumption’. Their children stayed together and worked as straw hat makers, boot finishers etc. One of them, William, was my great grandfather.

Thanks to the Puckeridge website, the man in Indiana, the barometer expert and the power of the www!! Sylvia Wade, Suffolk, May 2010.



“I came across the Puckeridge Village web site when doing some family research.

I lived with my family in Puckeridge from 1931 until 1949 when we left Puckeridge to live in Australia. If you have any “missing links” from those years I may be able to help you.

My father was the owner of Puckeridge Garage (opposite White’s butcher shop) and Cannon’s Coaches.”

Elizabeth Davies



“I’m looking for any descendants of the Puckering family, who originated from Puckeridge in the late 1600’s to mid 1700’s.”

Mark Puckering



The family came from the Puckeridge/Braughing area.

Does anyone remember the Wrens?



Florence Emily Spencer came from Puckeridge. Her father was a hay/straw dealer who lived in the centre of the village in the early 1900s. Florence married William Augustus Page.

Roy Spencer Page, their son, spoke often and fondly of Christmas in Puckeridge.

The Spencer’s lunch of beef and goose was cooked by Arthy, the baker, and bought up to the house.

The massive farm shire horse, the grooms, the huge carts of hay and straw were sent down to the various mews in London.

Florence had a renowned ability to ‘magic’ away warts and unsightly blemishes – apparently ‘patients’ would turn up at the house out of the blue from far and wide, supply a hair from their head and Florence would make up a ‘potion’ including best steak and hair, bury it in the garden and within a week the offending blemish would disappear! It was said Florence inherited this ability from her own mother.

The Spencers had a fair few cottages in and around Puckeridge, and when Mr Spencer died, it was found that he insisted in his Will that all his tenants were bequeathed life tenancies and, of course, this was carried through. The cottages were sold one by one as the tenants themselves pased away, with the profit from each sale going towards updating the remaining cottages and so on until the final couple of cottages were sold shortly after Florence’s own death.

A year or so ago the person who contacted this website was watching The Antiques Road Show on BBC1 . There was someone showing a collection of photos and amongst them was one of a shop in Puckeridge some time around 1900-1930 and above the shop window was the name ‘PAGE’.

Does anyone have a picture of this shop or any information about it?

Does anyone remember a Page or Spencer family?




THE GRANGE, HIGH STREET, PUCKERIDGE to add to the information in History Articles.



Carolyn Englert, a resident of the USA came across this little statue, labelled “Billiken”, in her grandmother’s china collection.

The Billiken was first produced in 1909 by an American art teacher and illustrator, Florence Pretz of Missouri, as a good luck charm. Florence Pretz had seen a vision of this mysterious figure in a dream. It became popular in Japan and is still being produced in a folk art way in Alaska.

The Puckeridge Billiken was produced by Grafton China. A transfer stamped upon the Billiken’s back shows the hart of Hertford upon a representation of rivers inside a shield. The name Puckeridge is carried in a ribbon underneath the shield.

If anyone has any more information on this please contact the website.