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Braughing Drama Group

Join our ‘Variety Show’ 2007/08 season. We will be having our preliminary pre season get-together on 5 July at 8pm in the Church Hall, Braughing, to hear what next season’s producers are planning. This date is your opportunity to sign up as one of our much-admired performers.

We’ve been together now for 40 years

Braughing Drama Group has been going for 40 years. They have a cast, a show and a back stage crew all set up for this season’s ‘Music Hall’ performances, and hope that hundreds of you will be going along to have a fun evening . Some of their most experienced members – on and off stage – want to make this their final full season. They have been canvassing some potential new recruits and hope some of them will soon step up to give it a try. Is there anyone out there, reading this article, who know of friends or family, with an ambition to be on stage, or who could help with lighting, be a stagehand or just generally be useful.